Not religion for the religious, Abraham's God is the story of the origin of the ideas that throughout history have driven people's lives and today fuels the world's divides.

“Mr. Dickerson has done extensive research into the three major religions of the world, approaching each with remarkable objectivity. Regardless of whether a person is Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, their dearly held doctrines will be challenged by this book.”

—Rev. Phil Schoenherr

About John

John’s curiosity with religion began while attending Concordia Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His career in the field of refrigeration compressors garnered him a variety of executive-level jobs and much international travel, allowing him the opportunity to expand his knowledge of the world’s religions. Over a decade of retirement brought the time to finalize his research and to share what he has learned in his lifelong study of the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

About Abraham's God

How did the God of a desert nomad from four thousand years ago become the God of over half of today’s world? How did monotheism, life after death, sin, salvation, a messiah, heaven and hell become the same beliefs in Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

Abraham’s God begins long before Abraham and ends in the ninth century, when Christianity and Islam had firmly established themselves as the religions that would dominate the world into the twenty-first century. From ancient Israel to Islam, Abraham’s God tells the story of how Judaism and Christianity evolved and morphed in ways not taught in synagogues and churches.

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Less than 100 miles south of Tehran is the Islamic Holy site of Qom.  The city dates back to the earliest of times, and has been a city of some importance since Alexander the Great.   Qom has historically important mosques, and  a famous shrine. Probably because of these Qom has become the center of Shia Islamic teaching and scholarship with the largest collection of Islamic literature. Near Qom in 816 AD Fatima Masumeh, a direct descendant of Muhammad and the  daughter of a very prominent Shi’s Iman was killed by Sunni Muslims.  A shrine was built, and over the centuries…